Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...)

Smore sir?

It was some time age that my wife to be presented me with a picture, that at first glance, looked as though her church group were all sniffing cocaine of their hands. I responded with such reasoning of, “I know you don’t do drugs…but..what?”

Monster Smores

I wish I had this picture to hand, it was a funny picture, especially when explained that they were all eating Smores, and that they were just that messy, but that good. So, when it came to the first time that we hosted a 4th July at our house in the UK, she was super excited to show us limey buggers what exactly a Smore is, and how to make them.

Goey smore

As Tokonatsu now approaches I thought I’d share with you all how to make Smores, so that that more adventurous may perhaps give it a go around the bonfire.

So, what you need its:

Graham Crackers (Most American import shops/sections will have them, we got ours at Tesco)

Marshmallows (the big, roasting kind, you’ll have failed already if you get the tiny ones)

Block of chocolate (we found the large dairy milk bars worked alright, though they didn’t melt as quickly as they could. Americans use Hershey’s, but I would never recommend eating that…)

A Large stick. (M pro once used a branch…like…a 6ft long one…no jokes)


Affix marshmallows to the branch, and prep your catching device.

The catching device is two graham crackers, one with a slab of chocolate on it. You may need someone else to roast while a number of people stand ready with their catching devices.

Now, roast them bad boys till they are nice and browned, you want them all gooey. If you think you could use them to plaster a wall, they are probably exactly as gooey as they should be.

Remove marshmallows from the fire and squish them good into the catching device!

If all goes well, you have oooooozing marshmallow betwixt two graham crackers, and slowly melting the chocolate bed that it lays on.

And now you eat it, fast. Be under no illusion, you WILL get messy.

Then you’ll be asking for S’more 😉

~ Rezal