Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...)

  • Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...),  Tokonatsu 2023 News

    How to deal with the Heat while Camping

    Well, it’s less than a week until we see you all, and if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, there’s still time! Head on over to <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>the ticket page now!</a> This year has been one of the hottest years on record, and with that heat comes a good amount of danger. At the time I’m writing this, the Met office has issued warnings, suggesting that if it can be helped, you stay out of the sun entirely until the heat wave is over, and to definitely avoid the hours of 11am-1pm. Given the nature of Toko, it’s unlikely anyone is going to be following this advice, so…

  • Camping Survival Tips (some might be real...)

    Smore sir?

    It was some time age that my wife to be presented me with a picture, that at first glance, looked as though her church group were all sniffing cocaine of their hands. I responded with such reasoning of, “I know you don’t do drugs…but..what?” I wish I had this picture to hand, it was a funny picture, especially when explained that they were all eating Smores, and that they were just that messy, but that good. So, when it came to the first time that we hosted a 4th July at our house in the UK, she was super excited to show us limey buggers what exactly a Smore is,…