Tokonatsu 2023 News

Will you survive?

You look around…you start to think…where has everyone gone? How did I get here?

Just moments ago you where confident that you could survive this…now you find yourself laying on the ground covered in mud, hoping that they cannot see you…but you can hear them…

They start to get closer to you…

You dare not move…

Moreover, you cannot breathe for fear of them finding you…but they’re close now… so very… close.

A foot lands right next to your head! Do not move! You keep telling yourself, just don’t move.

After what seems like forever, the footsteps start to move away, further and further away.

Finally there is silence, and you breathe for the first time in what seems like forever…is it safe to move?




You think as you wait, just wait a little more. The silence gives you confidence that finally you’re safe and you lift your head…slowly…so slowly. As you sit up, you see no-one, and try to work out what happened, what went wrong?

Your mind starts racing, back to the start when you were placed into groups and given your orders…they were very simple.


And survive you will! You’re more confident now as you stand up!

But you’re frozen to the spot, as you become coldly aware you are not alone…

How? NO! I’m not ready to go!

You feel fear like you have never felt before, as you realise you never looked behind you…you dare not look as you close your eyes and wait for the inevitable…your mind is now clear…at peace.

However, nothing happens. You know there is something behind you though, you can feel it staring at you. You find the courage to move as you turn around slowly…

You almost laugh, as you turn around to see a Rabbit hiding just behind you too!

You are still alive!



But this is all just a shallow victory…as the game is not yet over for you…