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AI-Tenchi Muyo news

Toko 2014 is now a fading memory and to keep you updated on Anime and Manga news here is an update on the all new Tenchi Muyo titled AI Tenchi Muyo From the start we can see that there has been a dramatic change to the characters. will this be a good thing, we have yet to see..

Washu the number 1 scientist in the universe has been up to her old tricks again and for reasons still unknown Tenchi has to go under cover and take on a teaching roll in a girls school “lets just hope Tenchis dad stays away from this school”

Here is a quick rundown of the cast


Here we have Tenchi in his teacher outfit


Ryoko seems to have stopped styling her hair with the hock hard spike look and started to go for a more softer look


Ayeka normally the one to cover up seems happy to show her leg to the fans


Sasami seems to be based on her pretty Sasami role from the looks of it


Washu… going for the same softer look


Mihoshi to be fare has not changed that much at all, apart from she is not tanned so much


So fare there is no news on old characters like Tenchi’s dad, granddad, kiyone, Ryo-ohki

For more info on new characters and the show visit the official site AI Tenchi Muyo