Tokonatsu 2023 News

The Tokonatsu Museum

Hello All! Today we bring you some more information on what we are trying to do with the Tokonatsu Museum, and bringing you a look at what Tokonatsu has been through the years. We mentioned this earlier in the year, and have been making some good progress into what we think will be a good display for you all.

Toko ’05, when Inuyasha and Kenshin hashed it out!

We will have a set of boards on easels, with memorabilia dating back through to the first Tokonatsu in 2005. We have managed to gather a collection of art, old badge designs, and photos, largely in part to the original artist of most of the early stuff, Daryl. Many of you may remember him as one of the original committee members, and whom used to provide Anime in the early days. Thank you Daryl for the awesome work you did back then, and what you’ve given us to work with this year!

Toko ’07 and our first banner! Lamenated with paking tape 😉

Even with this, we would still like to see a lot go up on the boards, so we are looking to you, the attendees, to donate (either permanently, or for the duration of the festival) something that holds a memory for you at Tokonatsu throughout the years. If we can fill the corkboards, that would be great, and we can hang things off them, or gather stuff around the base of the easels if they won’t pin. The more we get, the more awesome these boards will be.

Toko ’09, one of our favourite people Sai chilling in our tent.

There will also be a blank board, one for this year. We want you to fill this board throughout the event with things that make this year special for you, as it happens! Might be a wrapper from an especially good Japanese sweet from the tuck shop, or perhaps you stopped by the Manga library, and coloured in one of our line arts. Whatever it is, fill up the board!

Toko ’11, Russell Fenton took this awesome shot!

And in case you’re worried, we’ll be using pins that have pegs on them, so we can safely display anything that you wouldn’t want small holes poked into. We understand that if these things are special to you, that you’re going to want to keep them.

Toko ’13, and the Hoshino Clan in their awesome Cosplays!

Big shout-out to Hoshino_Okami for hand building the easels for use in the museum. He’s done an awesome job, and will be bringing these all down with him in his car for us to use this year. Keeping in mind that he’s transporting two others and all their camping supplies, this is an awesome thing to do!

Toko ’15, M pro (one of our founders) and his daughter!

So if you want to donate something, here are your options:
Facebook: Comment on the shared post, or message us at our page.
Email: info@
Festival: Come find us, our area will be clearly marked with large banners, or come see us at the Museum, it will be located in the Toko-Retreat Marquee in the main festival area.

Thank you all again for your contributions. Without you, Tokonatsu, and Toko-Retreat would not be what they are.

If you haven’t signed up yet to be at Tokonatsu, but you would still like to attend, there is still time (though not a lot). Even if you can only make it for the weekend, we’d love to see you there. For tickets, head over to:

See you again tomorrow!

~ Rezal