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Congratulations To Marieanne “Odyssey” and Ollie “struggles”

TokoRetreat would like to Congratulate Marieanne “Odyssey” and Ollie “struggles” on their engagement over the weekend, both go to Tokonatsu with Odyssey being a veteran “2005 and a news poster on here” and Ollie volunteering to be a gopher helping in Events at this year’s Tokonatsu.

Ollie had it all planned and without Marieanne knowing it on “She thought she was going away for the day” she was left a letter that had her going on a treasure hunt from place to place. Being given clues to where to go next from friends and family she finally met up with Ollie where they had their very first date.
And she said YES!

So Congratulations from everyone at TokoRetreat 🙂