Tokonatsu 2023 News

Tokonatsu 2015 comes to an end

Well Tokonatsu 2015 is over, the tents are packed away and most of us are back home or working now.

Every year Toko just gets better and better and with the Town square “Festival area” this year this gave Toko goers somewhere to call a meeting point, as well as try out some of the offerings Toko 2015 had to offer there as in Real world gamming “Traditional gamming”, Tea ceremony’s, the Cosplay tent, TokoR cinema!, Festival games, The forever DDR machine ;), the Masquerade and the never ending water games and bring and buy with the dealers, and not forgetting the bubble Tea 😀

Its been a good year.

so without anymore interruption here is the Toko 2015 gallery

And please if you would like to have your pics added let me know

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