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Toko Highlights 2016: Day One

Friday is quite often my favourite day at Toko.

For one, it’s quieter in the morning, which makes showering that wee but easier.

More importantly it’s the day the bulk of people arrive at the social event of the year.

I love catching up with a host of amazing, unique people that I don’t get to see at any other time of the year, but I also enjoy watching the reaction of first-time congoers.

They arrive to see an open, welcoming community devoted to one thing: having fun with a range of likeminded people.

This year was no different, with the amount of fresh faces immensely pleasing.

Another highlight was Tokodisc. What Friday’s edition of the game lacks in people (it clashes with prime setup time), it makes up for in increased strategy and action. Very fun.

Pictionary too was fun: it’s always interesting to see how badly people can manage to draw a kettle in the name of house points. Big up to Team Phoenix for their success!

As mentioned elsewhere on Toko R, the opening ceremony was as fun as ever, with the new tokens dynamic sure to make the race for house points even more exciting.

With the only remaining job on my Friday checklist being ‘enjoy the disco’, this is Struggles signing off until day two.