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    Tokonatsu 2019 Gallery

    To all of my Tokonatsu brethren. The time has come for me to bestow the goodness of the Tokonatsu 2019 galleries to you all. There were many pictures taken… and there are some amazing ones in there this year so go check them out! And as a update for this year moving forward for every other year from now on we will be increasing the image quality of photos that you can download.   So, with no further delay… Here is the 2019 gallery. M pro

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    TokoRetreat Anime Cinema 2019

    So, its been all quiet on the TokoRetreat side lately…or has it? As usual at this time of year we have been busy in the background planning all our events for this years Tokonatsu 2019. And as I have finished ripping and cutting the videos for this year.. we are finally able to bring you some well needed news on what we are showing. But first… In the many years we have been running the anime cinema at Toko the great guys over at MVM have done us proud and supplied the anime every year for the cinema! This year is no different. So please head over to https://www.mvm-films.com/ and show your…

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    Initial D anime review

    Well hello again everyone, Its been a while and so without further ado… I present you with an introduction to one of the most well known and longest running manga and anime franchises Japan has to offer, Initial D by Shuichi Shigeno. The story of Initial D centres around Takumi Fujiwara, who not being particularly fond of driving due to being forced into being a night delivery driver for his fathers tofu shop, inadvertently develops a skill for drifting his car around corners at high speed. One morning whilst returning home from a delivery down the treacherous Akina mountain pass, Takumi comes up behind Keisuke Takahashi, an amateur racing driver…

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    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    All of us at Toko Retreat would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! In addition, how better to do this then with a little video! So we got together and shot a short video for you all.  So once again, from all of us a Toko R have a great Christmas and New year! See you next in 2019!

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    Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

    Hello all! Sorry I’ve been personally quiet on the review front, it’s personally been a very busy month! That said, I did manage to get in the much anticipated Season 2 (3?) of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. This is an anime that I started watching some time ago now, watching season 1 shortly after it became available on Netflix. Like with most Anime, the gap between seasons was long, and the way Netflix labels the seasons is…odd. Season 2 on Netflix is more of a trailer for Season 3, which is the real Season 2…not quite as confusing as Final Fantasy titles, but it’s getting there! So, Seven Deadly…

  • Review

    Horror; God’s left hand Devil’s right hand… What am I reading!?.

    Still riding on the coat tails of the writer… Kazuo Umezu. See the following Reviews. Fourteen and My Name is Shingo. As you know in the last couple of weeks I have been reading some of this guy’s work and have been taken in by the oddness of his mind. This week we have God’s left hand Devil’s right hand. This is based around family of 4 and the main characters are the 2 younger children. One day odd things start to happen and the younger girl “Izumi” find herself in the possession of some old scissors and the younger boy “Sou” gains an unknown power. They all written like…

  • Review

    My name Is Shingo… What am I reading!?

    Well once again, I have delved into the heart of. What the heck is this? Today we have: My name Is Shingo…  “Watashi wa Shingo” The story is about an assembly line robot that acquires consciousness… and then goes on a journey of discovery looking for its parents… I kid you not… from the same writers as the amazingly bad/good Fourteen. Umezu Kazuo. “Reviewed here” The story starts off as a love story around two children Marine “Girl” and Satoru “Boy” that meet on the off chance one day and then form a deep connection with each other. Satoru’s father works on an assembly line constructing small motors. But as…

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    Merman in my Tub Review

    Volumes: 8 and ongoing. Publisher: Seven Seas Many of you may already be familiar with “Monster Girl” anime/manga. Well, this easily falls into the genre of “Monster Boy”. Many of you might be familiar with titles such as “Rosario and Vampire”. But all the characters are handsome anthropomorphic sea-creatures. Ranging from an octopus, a shark, a jellyfish, a clown-fish, even a tiny hermit crab. This is a four-panel style manga that does exactly what it says on the tin. It runs in short isolated chapters of slice-of-life sitcom adventures of high school student, Tatsumi, and his handsome free-loading roommate, Wakasa the merman. Every so often, Wakasa’s fellow fish friends will…

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    Fourteen manga review. What am I reading!?

    Well, where to start really… I have been reading manga for many years and in that time I have seen some truly terrible ones. Then we have Fourteen by Kazuo Umezu … this manga has a place in the terrible hall of fame for me personally. The art style is pretty bad, at times it almost like a team of children put this together but didn’t talk to themselves on what they were doing… Let’s point out that this is listed as a horror manga… I’m not sure how they decided that but for me, it currently falls in the category of, “What the hell am I reading” and “my…

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    Tokonatsu 2018… The live steams that where.

    Just in case you missed it… or you could not make it… *what was you thinking!*… Here are some of the live streams that we broadcasted  at Toko 2018. This was a first for Toko R, Tokonatsu as it happened… Live 🙂 So sit back and relive Tokonatsu 2018. PS… For more videos of Toko 2018 visit our Facebook site.   This little Shrine of mine 1 This little Shrine of mine 2 Tokonatso 2018 Opening ceremony Tokonatsu 2018 Cosplay Masquerade The first Zonbidoggu! “Saturday”  Tokonatsu 2018 Closing ceremony The Second Zonbidoggu! “Sunday”